Happy Closet Day – Pt 1

My boyfriend just left and said “Happy Closet Day” as he was saying goodbye. It IS my closet day. Well the first closet day. The install of my changing room (one of the bedrooms converted to a closet space), his closet (the small one in the master bedroom) and the guest closet. We still have pending proposals for the closet/laundry room that sits within our master bathroom as well as bottom of stairs pantry.

Additionally, I am waiting for closet organizers to respond because I know I need help putting all of this crap together. But for now…..Happy Closet Day.

Well….not Closet Day. Just got a call from the installer and he hurt himself yesterday so need to reschedule. Sigh!

Black and White bathroom: faucet decisions

This guest bathroom continues to be a constant source of new decisions everyday. For our Master Bath, we hired an interior designer. Despite inadequate consultation and more salesmanship, the designer approach definitely shaped the vision for that bathroom. I wanted the freedom and creativity to play around with the guest bathroom— in black and white.

Now I have to decide on faucets. The ones I love are $700 each set ….$1400 for faucets seem over the top. But look at how beautiful these are:

This gold is my preferred but also
…this black is amazing too

I can’t justify it. And my partner also thinks the faucets are too Grand for the space. Sigh. After looking all over for something suitable and I think I’m going in this direction

In a construction zone – suddenly no power

I was home alone on a Sunday afternoon. Moving things around to prepare the house for the next phase of painting next week. The basement floor has been leveled last week — we can’t walk on basement floors until Monday morning. Boom. Power on our second floor (the one we’ve been living on) goes out. All other floors were fine. Clearly, I tripped a fuse or something by listening to music and watching TV and using microwave…hahaha. Well, I can’t check it out in basement because the floor is still wet. Look at these wonderfully even floors

Taken from the stairs only— can’t walk there

Our thermostat is Nest so it requires not only power but also WiFi. Need this in cold Chicago in February. Waited until after 9 on Sunday. Had to go to the back door then tiptoe gently on the nearly dry floor. Tripped the circuit breaker box. All is right with the world.

Wet paint!

Well it was bound to happen. Teams of people working in the house that I live in. The guys are leveling the floor in the master bathroom. I didn’t turn on the light and slid across a wet resin on the floor. Sacrifice these slides!!!!! But I kept my balance and didn’t fall. Whew!!!!

It’s starting to come together — except basement

When I walk around our construction zone, I begin to see the way in which rooms will look once finalized. I think paint really helps to shape a vision. Painting is probably 60-70% complete.

The two main bedrooms are both painted and have a wonderfully dramatic effect.

The first floor is painted (except the art room/front parlor). We chose a barely visible blue tint (BM First Snowfall) for most walls and super dark blue ceiling (BM Navy Hale). In the first room I saw it, I wasn’t in love…the walls looked boring white and the ceiling read as black. However, as more rooms and spaces carry the theme, it feels more like the right contrast.