I guess We are a select group…still remodeling



Second Guessing

Construction has started on the project. It’s exciting! Demo is complete and the team is starting to frame out the rooms.

We chose to create a walk in closet in the master bathroom — old homes didn’t have a lot of closet space. The master bathroom had an extra “L” shaped laundry room that allows for some leverage.

The space is now open, plumbing installed mapped out for the drywall of closet. Looking at it makes us think that maybe we went too far and now our master bathroom is too small.

These are the bathroom pics:

This is the closet space.

We brainstormed and considered trimming off half of the closet and reconfiguring the entry into the master bedroom(enter through the closet).

We discounted this because it would mean moving plumbing (for the shower) and wouldn’t add that much usable space to the bathroom.

Shopping For My New Home – Washers and Dryers

My “new” home has plans for two laundry areas – an upstairs closet outside of the Master bedroom and a more formal laundry room in the basement. Both can accommodate full size washers and dryers so I’ve started to compare. I assigned $3500 budget for all four machines…as it seemed like enough. Additionally, I looked at websites and found the right inspo photo for the basement room:

https://pin.it/pigscl2ekyoukb –> simple, clean and organized

Then I went comparison shopping starting with big box Home Depot and Best Buy, online research for Costco. Of these, Costco had best prices with solid $1500 for Maytag topload set with no agitator. Well within budget.

Then I started looking at online reviews and found that service for Maytag gets less than stellar scores. The worst customer reviews are Samsung but Whirlpool and Maytag also not the best.

I went to a few local, reputable appliance stores — Grand Appliance and Cole’s. I found their selection to be tighter than big box (as expected) and also typically $200-300 less expensive than Big Box. It was time well spent.

Stay tuned…at the end of the day, I didn’t make a decision since I know that demo will start on the house in 2-3 weeks so adding heavy appliances at this point isn’t the best plan. More to come!

Making progress….and feeling the impact of 130 years

I am very excited. Despite no response from my selected contractor, I have received some amazing referrals. Two of them have come back with proposals generally in my expectations!!!! They were within five dollars of each other so it validates the cost of the project. I have appointments with two more contractors tomorrow.

But, the house is 130 years old and the furnace – which I was told was seven years old – is 17 years old. It’s on its last leg. I’m spending to repair now but I know I will need a new one before next winter.

Now Iā€™m looking at backup contractors

My contractor yesterday said he would talk to his electrician again and call me. He hasn’t called. I’m confused because he comes highly recommended but I don’t want to delay my project.

This morning, I did research on Yelp, Better Business Bureau, HomeAdvisor — and decided to reach out to backup options. I compiled the top line list of projects, sent it off to five options and have corresponded with three.

I have an appointment at 7am tomorrow. He will look at the house and projects and provide an estimate. Trying to be flexible and also keep my sanity.

Honestly, I would like my contractor to say he’s evaluated and is willing to work on this project.

Contractor Uncertainty

Well..I decided NOT to reWIRE the entire home. It doesn’t make sense to me. Two expert opinions say it’s not necessary. I would be displaced for two to four months. No, I can’t justify.

The contractor I selected, however, feels strongly that it is a liability for him. As a small business, he’s not sure he wants to take on that liability. He’s not sure he wants to work with on this project. šŸ˜‘